I can see the lines in your face
The memories painted on your skin
The familiar spots along your arms
And the fading ink on your shoulder
Where my eyes focused defending the moment
Against the emotion welling up in my eyes
Until I couldn’t see through them
But I dare not shed a drop
To lose a memory
A moment in time so grateful that I had
This is not the end….
I can see you telling your stories
Without words now the images
Still circulating in your mind
There are things you’ve yet to say
Words for me to write down
So that I remember
The sound of your voice
And the smell of your presence
As you say them.
Burying them deep in my mind
So that I might dig them up
Like a child someday
Finding the treasures of her childhood.
Where you certainly were mine.
Locked away now in a box
Buried in the lives of many
The memory holds you still alive
In the moments that I find myself
Searching for You in the place
That is my heart.

Open the Window

And the days fall into each other
Where each day is the same as the day before
It’s all the same day
As you wake and see yourself for the first time
Blind in the mirror
I can’t find my way out of my mind.
I can’t see past the looking glass that reflects an image who is not me.
Who is she?
Who am I?
Where is me?
I’m here like yesterday.
Tomorrow I’ll be on my way.
But I’m not here today.
But it’s all the same day.
When you wake
Who will you be?
Where am I?
And who is She?
Open the window
I can’t breathe.



Oceans Apart

There are oceans between us
But it’s Only water
Not as deep as the love
That is my heart.
There are days and nights
That bind us.
Keep us from mornings together.
Sunsets. Yet we share the same sun.
And moon.
And our time together is gone too soon.
Before I dream.
When I wake.
There are oceans between us.
But it’s only water.
Though I can’t swim
I swim after the shore
That are the shoulders
Of my heart.
There are days and nights that bind us
Nothing less
Than the love and the warmth of your chest
And you pulling me from
The waters of my dreams
And our time together is gone too soon.
In the oceans
And on Earth.