Open the Window

And the days fall into each other
Where each day is the same as the day before
It’s all the same day
As you wake and see yourself for the first time
Blind in the mirror
I can’t find my way out of my mind.
I can’t see past the looking glass that reflects an image who is not me.
Who is she?
Who am I?
Where is me?
I’m here like yesterday.
Tomorrow I’ll be on my way.
But I’m not here today.
But it’s all the same day.
When you wake
Who will you be?
Where am I?
And who is She?
Open the window
I can’t breathe.



Afraid of the Dark

When the monsters you hide from
That are under the bed
Inside the closet
Are nothing to be afraid of
Where you run and hide from
Yourself always a shadow
Touching some part of your body
That reaches the floor
Grabbing at your ankles
Before you can make it to the door
& Try to escape.
From the darkness inside you
That casts a thousand shadows on your
And fills the cold and barren empty space
That is now your heart
Where the definition of love has fallen apart
And turned into the monster in the closet.
The words that I remember they are few
There is nothing to be afraid of.
Only shadows
That are the monsters living deep inside of you.
And though my mind hears a thousand angry
I can’t understand a word they shout at me.
And I feel everything it all and then I feel nothing.
Overwhelmed and broken
Overjoyed and free
I can’t beg my eyes to look in the mirror-see.
The monster that I am
Looking back at me.

Oceans Apart

There are oceans between us
But it’s Only water
Not as deep as the love
That is my heart.
There are days and nights
That bind us.
Keep us from mornings together.
Sunsets. Yet we share the same sun.
And moon.
And our time together is gone too soon.
Before I dream.
When I wake.
There are oceans between us.
But it’s only water.
Though I can’t swim
I swim after the shore
That are the shoulders
Of my heart.
There are days and nights that bind us
Nothing less
Than the love and the warmth of your chest
And you pulling me from
The waters of my dreams
And our time together is gone too soon.
In the oceans
And on Earth.


There’s the ocean.
The calm.
The salvation.
The wave that is my negativity.
That carries me off.
And the arms that save me.
Lift me up.
Carry me.
While I fall.
Get swept away.
But the figure is light
Almost like wings
And/Where she resembles a falling angel
Being caught by the arms that make her an angel.
That gives her her wings.
But teaches her to be her own Strength
And That she must catch herself.






When She Dances….She Flies.

When she dances she flies
Stretches her arms out to the world
Folds into wings
Where restless feathers fall from them
Making her New again
Like a child discovering life
How to walk again.
Where music follows the sounds
Of her footsteps
And hides in shadows on the wall
Waiting for her to reach out her hand
To dance with them
And she does
And closes her eyes to a familiar feeling
The warmth of colors that breathes life
Into the soul of the world while she is sleeping.
And She catches your songs in jars like fireflies
Sad to let them go
And stop dancing.
But tomorrow night again
They will fill the skies
And she will catch them.
When She dances she flies.



Wherever does the moon shine down on your face
In quiet shadows while you’re awake
Painting your dreams onto paper for all the world to see.
There’s me.
Watching you gently glide
Your thoughts like living poetry
Without words onto paper
Making your soul fly
Like your birds.
While I listen and wait
To music that you feed me
Staying awake to find my freedom
In the man that’s made me free
Where I could lie awake until sunrise
And dream dreams surreal with my eyes wide open
Bathed in the morning sun I’ll rise
Whenever the light shines upon your face
And warms the gentle lines that are your smile
When you think of me.