Brand new day

I can touch the colors
On a Golden morning
Before the world awakes.
Before the first dog barks.
The first rooster crows.
The sunrise belongs to me.
And I can smell the light
Familiar like childhood
The same golden light
That has followed me
Throughout youth
As a woman.
As a mother.
Each time it hits my face it says hello
And it sings music.
As the world awakes
To the beautiful moment I have witnessed
Being born.
A new day.

Longer than Time

Time is forever.
Ever moving.
Ever constant.
We can not stop time.
We grow with it.
We age with it.
Slowly holding its hand to the final end
That leaves us with eyes closed.
But while our eyes are open.
I want to give you forever.
Ever moving.
Every morning.
Ever constant.
We cannot stop time.
But I want to be a part of your time.
Slowly holding your hand while you
Walk through this world alive.
And when you notice the time
I want you to smile and
Think of me.
With your eyes wide open.
I want to give you forever.
I want to give you Time.
I want to give you eternity.
Longer than Time.


I turn on my dreams in my pillow.
The sound awakens me.
But my mind returns to the rain
And the ocean gently singing me to sleep
It tries
In waves
That escape my breath
As I hold the thought of you
My longing
between my fingers
Tightly clenched
Along the soft stitched silks of my blanket
That are quietly curled
Between my fingers
Silently waiting
For you to fill my hands with


There’s the ocean.
The calm.
The salvation.
The wave that is my negativity.
That carries me off.
And the arms that save me.
Lift me up.
Carry me.
While I fall.
Get swept away.
But the figure is light
Almost like wings
And/Where she resembles a falling angel
Being caught by the arms that make her an angel.
That gives her her wings.
But teaches her to be her own Strength
And That she must catch herself.