It was late at night and she saw a star
And she made a wish she couldn’t remember
When she opened her eyes several years later
And saw a falling star.
She made a new wish but time went by
And the years ran free
Of fireflies
And nights spent looking at the skies
Became restless consistency.
And on those nights the wishes made
Will quietly follow me to my grave
Time turns the soul inside itself a slave
To the mind that sees its future in a cage
Looking out into a sea of stars
Searching for dreams that cannot be.
Feeling the steady leak of youthfulness
Draining from every pore that’s part of me.
And yet still before I open my eyes I see
A part of me that is a part of what we are.
The child inside me begging to be free
Who opens her eyes to a wish.
A falling star.

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