I’m 38.
Last cup of tea.
Last cup of coffee.
Last beer.
Last cigarette.
Last whiskey.
I won’t forget.
The bartender didn’t know how to pour a god damned drink straight.
I drank it chilled.
Forgived her.

I saw what you were looking at.
I was there.
Did you stay up late?
I did.
You left me not to wait.
I’ll age before I see you.
Hear from you.
Hear from me.
I’ll hide politely.
Like a story.
That hasn’t been read yet.
A script.
I broke down the locations
Get a grip I did my part
Where are you?
You fell asleep.
You watch tv
You don’t see me.
You don’t watch me
You said goodnight.
While I made my tea
Turned out the light
Thought youd wait
Why would I?
Why would you?
I see what you were looking at
Not me
Not exact
I broke down
When I realized that
And I won’t forget.
My Last regret.
You do not know.
What I’ll say yet.
In between the moments I am me.
I am set aside.
The poetry.
The landslide
That you are just not ready
I’ve given you my 38
39 is not yours.

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