The Wind

The grass bends with every step my feet touch the color of the earth soil-screaming against the movement that each vibration touches
its being
gently paving a path of where I have walked.
Quietly like the wind.
But without it
You notice.
That the leaves do not move on the trees unless you blow them.
That the air is still and damp without the breath of the sun.
The ocean doesn’t move unless you let it
The rivers do not know which way to turn
And with every season turning
We forget it.
Might we walk barefoot
And take the weight off our feet
Walk along the grass
And off the street
And create a path
That screams against the silence
That breathes the life back into the wind
That shakes the trees– and makes the ocean violent
And winds the rivers right between your knees
May you walk along the earth and feel your presence
Light the world and your breath become the life
That dances alongside me in the grasses
And be the wind
That makes me feel Alive.

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