She Walks on Water

For my daughter.

She can’t.
She can’t walk.
Give her some time.
She can’t write.
Give her a pencil.
She can’t speak
Let her sing.
She can’t dance
Let her hear the music.
She can’t smile.
Let her feel happy.
She can’t play.
Let her play her own way.
She can’t get through a day without weeping.
Let her live her life.
Let her decide her fate.
She can’t
Be without
She can’t.
She can’t live without
She can’t.
She can.
Walk like water and feel the earth.
She can.
Run for miles and in rebirth
She Can write for moments without distress
She can.
Speak poetry that melts
The loneliness
When you dance
And you hear the music sing it is her being
Her joy of everything
That is her freedom.
And the water of the earth
That feeds her joy
And the meaning of her birth
Give her a pencil.
All she’s after
To communicate.
Love and laughter.
She walks on water.

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