Baby’s Breath

I knew you as a child.
I remembered your voice well before your face.
On the phone answering for my father.
Where you’d always say hello long enough to make me shy. And I gave the call over.
You watched me grow.
From a child into a child.
But my mind was without reason still
And my garden was too wild.
And you waited
Until age set me free
And you opened up the cage
And let me fly without wings
And I loved you.
And I lived inside your mess
Inside your mind inside your world
In your job and holiness
And had your children
And withdrew all I knew
Then made something different
That would be a part of you
But something changed.
I did not grow.
With time or age.
I did not know.
I lost track of time.
I lost track of me.
And I lost the person
I used to be.
When you knew me.
When I knew you.
When we knew eachother
And love was new
Until age set me free
And you opened up the cage
I would not have jumped
Into the fiery pit of rage
That changed me.
When I wouldn’t grow
Found me
Lost in a place I did not know.
Where I remember your voice.

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