Afraid of the Dark

When the monsters you hide from
That are under the bed
Inside the closet
Are nothing to be afraid of
Where you run and hide from
Yourself always a shadow
Touching some part of your body
That reaches the floor
Grabbing at your ankles
Before you can make it to the door
& Try to escape.
From the darkness inside you
That casts a thousand shadows on your
And fills the cold and barren empty space
That is now your heart
Where the definition of love has fallen apart
And turned into the monster in the closet.
The words that I remember they are few
There is nothing to be afraid of.
Only shadows
That are the monsters living deep inside of you.
And though my mind hears a thousand angry
I can’t understand a word they shout at me.
And I feel everything it all and then I feel nothing.
Overwhelmed and broken
Overjoyed and free
I can’t beg my eyes to look in the mirror-see.
The monster that I am
Looking back at me.

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